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CoolBreeze,drizzling rain & mesmerising waterfalls

Courtallam is located at a height of about 167m in the chain of Western Ghats. It is one of the most prominent tourist spots noted for waterfalls in Tirunelveli District. In Tamil Literature, Courtallam is cited in various names such as Pithur Kanda Theerthapuram, Mukthiveli, Thirunagaram, Nannagaram & Vasanthaperur. 'Kutralakkuravanji' in Purananooru speaks of the beauties and specialities of this town.

Attractions In & Around
Water Falls

There are about 9 falls in Courtallam which include Main Falls , Five Falls , Old Falls , Tiger Falls , Sittraruvi, Shenbaga Devi Falls , Honey Falls , Orchid Falls and Palaruvi. These falls receive water from the river Chittar. Since this river runs via thick woods of rare herbal flora before falling here, the water is said to have medicinal qualities and cure some diseases. Taking a bath in these waterfalls will rejuvenate our mind and body.


Main Falls(Peraruvi) - Among the nine waterfalls, only the Main Falls is in Courtallam falling from a height of about 60 m. Here the water pours down at varying velocities and forces as per the amount of rainfall in the Western Ghats .


Five Falls(Aintharuvi) - It is the most preferred falls by many people which separates into 5 branches as it reaches the ground. It's about 4 kms away from Courtallam.


Old Falls (Pazhaya Courtallam)This falls is about 6 kms away from Courtallam and is ideal for anyone to enjoy.


Honey Falls(Thenaruvi) - The name comes as honey can be obtained from this place. The falls is amidst the jungle up in the mountains. It can be reached only by walk and is risky. It takes almost 2 hrs to reach this spot and people are not allowed to bath here as it is very dangerous.


Shenbaga Devi Falls -  This falls is on the way to the Honey Falls . The location is surrounded by Shenbaga trees which bears the fragrant Shenbaga flowers. Near this waterfalls is the Shenbaga Devi temple. People usually take bath here and worship the Goddess in the temple. It's about 3 km from Courtallam  up the hills.


Tiger Falls(Puliyaruvi)It is situated about 2 kms from the Courtallam bus stand. The flow of water is smooth here and is perfect for children to enjoy waterfalls.


Little Falls(Sittraruvi) - This falls located is near the Main Falls and we have to pay to take a bath here .

Thirukutralanathar Temple

This temple is situated amidst mountains and is close to the Peraruvi( Main Falls ). The deity here is Lord Shiva in the name "Thirukutralanathar" and the Goddess is "Kuzhalal VaiMozhi". This temple has got its name in Devaram and legends say that the great sage Agasthiyar has worshipped here. The Isthala virutcham of this temple is the Jack Tree.


According to puranas, Lord Nataraja is said to have presented his dance in five Sabhas. One among them is in Courtallam and it is the Chitra Sabhai. Chitra Sabha is near the Kutralanathar temple and it exhibits various paintings of deities and puranas. This sabha is built using herbs.


Papanasam, a village surrounded by ghats is situated at a distance of about 45 kms from Tirunelveli and can be reached easily from Courtallam. There is a dam in Papanasam and hydroelectricity is generated here.


The river Thamiraparani (noted for its sweet water) before reaching the plains splits into many branches as falls. One among them is the Agasthiyar Falls in Papanasam which falls from a height of about 100m. People are not allowed to visit this falls after dusk because wild beasts around the jungles come here to drink water. Tourists could see a kind of langur here which can be found only in this part of Western Ghats . Other rare species of birds can also be cited here.


There is a Siva temple in Papanasam worshipped by sage Agasthiyar. The deity here is known by the name 'Papa Vinasar' meaning one who removes our sins. People have a faith that their sins will be removed if they take a bath in Agasthiyar Falls and worship Lord Papavinasar. A huge mass of people gather here everyyear on the full moon day of the Tamil month Chittirai.

Other places

The other temples that can be visited in Courtallam are Koothar Kovil, Courtalla Nangai Kovil and Thirugnana Sambandar Kovil.

Courtallam-1 Day
Vehicle Seats
Non A/C
    Rs. K.M Allowed  Extra Per K.M(Rs)   Rs. K.M Allowed  Extra Per K.M(Rs)  
Tata Indica 4 1,782.00 324 5.50 2,106.00 324 6.50
Toyota Innova 7 _ _ _ 3,807.00 324 11.75
 Tavera 8 2,462.40 324 7.75 2,835.00 324 8.75
Tempo Traveller 11 2,835.00 324 8.75 3,807.00 324 11.75

Courtallam-2 Days
Vehicle Seats
Non A/C
    Rs. K.M Allowed  Extra Per K.M(Rs)   Rs. K.M Allowed  Extra Per K.M(Rs)  
Tata Indica 4 2,453.00 324 5.50 2,734.00 324 6.50
Toyota Innova 7 _ _ _ 4,632.00 324 11.75
 Tavera 8 3,433.00 324 7.75 4,070.00 324 8.75
Tempo Traveller 11 4,270.00 324 8.75 5,032.00 324 11.75

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